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Anderson Irrigation is proud to offer a complete line of irrigation systems whose features, performance and overall level of craftsmanship are unrivalled in the irrigation industry. With design, supply and installation available we can meet your needs for any existing or newly planned garden project.

All our irrigation watering systems are designed individually so they can be suited to many different types of properties and gardens. We offer pop up irrigation systems, micro sprinkler systems, drip systems and water main system tank and pump systems. As we know each project is different in size and budget and we will work towards solving your irrigation systems needs with in your chosen budget.

Our irrigation systems are available whether you are a contractor, a designer, a sports turf manager or a groundskeepers. We invite you to choose your components from our wide variety of products and make every system you install a "Complete System." If you are a home-owner or business owner looking for the best performance in your automatic irrigation system, your choice of components will be your assurance of unsurpassed quality and value.

We also offer and provide maintenance on our irrigation systems for all garden and properties, including a full repair service.

Working across the South East and London, installing tailor made automated irrigation systems of high quality. Starting with the design concept through to the ongoing maintenance we will provide you with the complete service from start to finish.


Anderson Irrigation use only the latest economical pumps, control switches and pressure vessels, with full UK support.

With a wide range of user friendly and smart controller water saving options, there is a controller built to fit any irrigation watering system, be it for residential or commercial use. We use Hunter Industries for our irrigation systems controllers as they are reliable, easy to set up and use.

Rainwater harvesting

We also offer Rainwater harvesting systems here at Anderson. As the summer months are generally becoming drier you could have your own storage of free water just from having one of these systems in place. The harvested water is much better for watering your garden plants and grass as it is free from chemicals which your plants will love.

Above ground and below ground tanks and pumps available.


Hunter controllers are simple to use, expandable and have features such as weather sensors and remote control

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